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Spin Video

Spin Video


We captured this 11 turn spin one day while out enjoying a flight in the Super Decathlon.

Our advanced stall and spin class generally does 2-3 turn spins.






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Challenges – Stretch your skills by trying a new form of flight!

As most of you know, the flight school has added a Super Decathlon to our fleet. Not only are we now offering tail wheel endorsements in it, but we also offer a different kind of training… Check out this link to AOPA’s Pilot magazine article, and see what is ALSO OFFERED TO YOU RIGHT HERE […]

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Attention Student Pilots

Students – If you are post solo and your instructor is not available for an extended period you can use one of our other instructors (Dan or Doug) for that flight. For example if you can only fly on weekends and your instructor is not available.

If you have questions concerning this matter please call the […]

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Runway Lights

To turn on the runway lights here at 1A0 you must click the mic 5 times at a slow rate (like one push per second). If you click too fast the lights will not turn on. The lights will then stay on a set number of minutes (around 5), they will then blink on and […]

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