Erik Grabowski

Erik is a Commercial Pilot ASEL/IA and CFI/CFII with over 1200 hours of total time. Over 600 hours of his time is as an instructor.

He learned to fly at Richmor Aviation in Schenectady,  NY in 1998, completing his degree in Aviation Science and earning his CFI in 2000.

He instructed on the side in his spare time in NY and SC while in the Navy.  He also was a staff instructor at Daniel Webster College in Nashua,  NH.

While in SC, Erik also branched out and explored the world of ultralight and sport plane flying, having helped several ultralight pilots earn their Sport Pilot certificate during the early transition period.  He also owned and flew E-LSA and experimental airplanes.
Other forms of flying he has done includes VFR charter operations with some international trips to the Bahamas and several years flying Skydivers at Skydive Walterboro in SC.


Erik’s major passion in aviation right now is hang gliding. He is a USHPA H-3 hang glider pilot rated in Foot Launching as well as Aerotow.  With many flights in the 2-3 hour range and several XC flights of 14-20 miles, he feels hang gliding is the key to really understanding the sky.  He plans on competing in XC races/competitions in the future.