Jim Huff

Jim has had a love of aviation from an early age and especially a love for taildraggers. His first solo was in a Cessna 120 taildragger in 1987.  He is a U. S. Army veteran and served in the 101rst Airborn division in Ft. Campbell, KY and also served in Korea. Jim has been a flight instructor since 1993 and has been instructing in tailwheel airplanes since 1994. With 18 years of experience teaching in tailwheel airplanes, He still loves to meet students and share the fun and excitement of true stick and rudder flying. It never gets old. Jim is currently a corporate pilot flying King Airs and is the primary tailwheel instructor at Hixson Aviation specializing in instructing and giving tailwheel endorsements in the school’s 1999 Super Decathlon. He has over 4,500 hrs of flight time. Jim is also married and has two children.

Certificates and rating are:

  • ATP Airplane Multiengine Land
  • Commercial  Airplane Single engine land.
  • Commercial Helicopter
  • Instrument Airplane
  • CFI, CFII, and CFI Helicopter