Tom Bowen

Tom’s parents allowed him to explore his interest in aviation at a early age. Sitting in the pilot seat of a Piper Tomahawk at age 11 for the first time, and soloing at age 17. He then followed his love for the outdoors and adventure through rock climbing and kayaking throughout the country in the summers while completing his BS in Environmental Science concentrating in GIS at UTC.

He then spent 13 years working for a local municipality. During these years he opened a underground utility inspection service. 20 years after first soloing he wandered into the Hixson Aviation office to discuss with Mark and Bill his interest in using Aviation for Missions or Humanitarian work and has now found himself working as a CFI here at Hixson.

All Tom’s ratings have been earned at Hixson Aviation, IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!

These days if you don’t find Tom instructing you will find him enjoying aerobatics in the Super Decathlon, out getting exercise on his bicycle, or enjoying some quality time with his wife.

Tom is  a CFII and tail wheel instructor

First lesson through aerobatics!