New Airport Rules

Dear Valued Customers,

As you know by now Hixson Aviation is having to move to the Chattanooga Airport KCHA. As a result of this things are going to change for us, however we will strive to keep the family atmosphere we have always had and cherish. So with that in mind here are the rule changes that we have to implement in order to comply with the Chattanooga airport:

  1. We are now located in Hangar 4. It is on the east side of the airport off of airport Rd. If you are traveling north on airport rd you will pass the new garage and terminal and the short term parking lot and we are the first entrance after that. There is a Hixson Aviation sign on the fence and 4 black mailboxes at the entrance. You cannot park in any of the parking spaces that face the buildings. Park facing the street.
  2. Badges are needed to get into the building so you will have to be escorted in by your instructor. Same applies to the ramp area. You cannot be out there with an escort.
  3. The hangars are strictly off-limit to us. Our planes are now going to be outside and there is no need to be in the hangars.
  4. When you sump fuel you can no longer throw it on the ground. All airplanes will have a new sump that will allow you to collect all samples and then pour it back into the fuel tank. Your instructor will brief you on this.
  5. We will be going to 2 ½ hr lesson blocks to allow for the extra time needed to operate on a controlled field.
  6. There will be an oil can and funnel where you will need to put your spout and empty oil can in if you have to put oil in the plane. Do not put cans that are not drained into the garbage. Your instructor will brief you on this.
  7. There is an airport diagram and frequency sheet in the folder for each airplane. Please review and become familiar with where we are and the taxiways that you are most likely to use along with the procedures of getting in and out of Class C.
  8. We will have 2 practice areas now. North and South. The north practice area is the same area we have always used and includes the Dayton airport (2A0). The south practice area is around the Lafayette airport (9A5). Your instructor will point out the landmarks that define this practice area.
  9. All airplanes now have a credit card and fuel sheet in them. The card is in the pouch. PLEASE return it thereafter you use it. The fuel sheet is in the folder of each plane. When you get fuel fill out all squares on the sheet and bring the receipt back with you. We will be getting fuel in Dayton and Lafayette now and this will require more planning on how lessons are done. Either adding before or after each lesson to get home. We can use the self-serve at Chattanooga if necessary but because of the cost, we want to keep this to a minimum.