Our introductory “Discovery Flight” is a 30 minute flight lesson designed to give you the opportunity to see first hand if flying is for you. Because you will be flying with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) the entire flight can be logged toward your pilots license.

From takeoff to landing you will experience the hands on fundamentals of flight. You will be introduced to the flight instruments, throttle, yoke and rudder pedals and how to use them to control the aircraft. Under the watchful eye of your instructor you will be allowed to pilot the aircraft in turns, climbs, and descents to see just what flying is all about.

To schedule an introductory lesson give us a call at 423-842-9845. Since weight and size are important considerations in small aircraft, do not be offended if you are asked for this information. Price is $80 [30 min. flight]  and gift certificates are available. *Up to two additional passengers may come along and ride in the back seat during the lesson for an additional $15 each.